Why Replace?

Increase “Sellability”

Research shows that carefully manufactured and installed sash windows can have a huge impact on the value of your property when sympathetically matched with the existing windows. With Estate agents often recommending such changes to increase the “sellability” of a home. House buyers will often factor in the cost of replacement when valuing a property or making an offer.

Quality and Durability

As well as exact replicas of original windows we can also design and manufacture totally bespoke units for your exact needs, and as with all our windows meeting up-to-date building regulations. All backed up by guarantees of quality and durability meaning the whole process is stress free and giving you the peace of mind that you deserve.

Tailor-made Windows

Our joinery has over 30 years of experience combined with a state of the art workshop, enabled to tailor make your windows to match every detail of your home’s existing windows if required, which is particularly important in conservation areas and listed properties, whilst giving maximum thermal efficiency with our unique slimlite double glazed system that you would achieve with modern UPVC windows.

Thermal efficiency 

 Let us transform the thermal efficiency of your sash windows with the latest ultra thin double glazing technology. Our joinery is the best available, beautifully made and factory spray finished for ultimate durability. We can colour match and colour! We only use Sapele, a sustainable and stable timber with incredible rot resistant properties. Combined with the essential draught-proofing service, our energy-efficient glazing will help to reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint. The result is a warmer home with fewer draughts and cold spots. This will also greatly reduce condensation build-up on the inside of the glass. All our double glazing work comes with a 10 year materials and workmanship guarantee


Why we use SAPELE timber

1. Extremely durable

Sapele wood is hardwood. It is a hard, medium-density wood that has great durability. It can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The durability of this wood can be further enhanced by polish and paint. Sapele wood furniture can last for a longer time.

2. Easy maintenance

Due to its good hardness, it causes less damage and requires less care. The biggest problem with the floor is that it is likely to be scratched by furniture legs. For such a problem, you can use Furniture Pads. Which leads to less damage and requires less maintenance.

3. Appearance

Sapele wood is famous for its appearance and hardness. Everyone likes its golden to dark reddish-brown or purplish-brown. Its colour gives a rich appearance. Its colour darkens over time.

4. Water and Fire Resistance

The most important thing is that it is very fire resistant. These properties are due to their high hardness.

It can also withstand water for a long time. It spreads and shrinks even when it is in constant contact with water.

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