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Draught proofing 

We utilise the modern day techniques while retaining the character of the traditional sash. Our timber draught proof system includes new parting beads and matching staff beads, a complete service including: re-balance, re-cord and oiled pulleys to ensure optimum sliding action and a fasterner of your choice. Approved for listed buildings we guarantee you will feel a difference with our draught proof system. 

Replacement / New sashes 

Double glazed  sash windows. These beautifully made sashes are installed by the finest craftsmen to ensure the beauty of your windows remain. Sashes can be made to your exact requirements and to match exactly how your single glazed sashes looked previously. All our double glazed options include a timber draught proof system so your home will have the ultimate efficiency.  


Are your sash Windows looking tired? We can refurbish your sash Windows and bring them back to there former glory. We carry out glazing where necessary and replace loose putty works. We scrape down and sand the sashes and sash box to a silky smooth finish. Once prepared our fully qualified painters will provide the outstanding finish your home deserves.

Rotten timber 

Rotten timber? It's hard to find someone who has lived with traditional sash windows and has not came accross rotten timber issues. This is a very common issue we deal with day in day out. Rather than cover the issue we remove the issue completely and replace all rotten timber and surrounding areas. We use a very high end e poxy resin to ensure and joints from the new timber are sealed and no future rot can appear. 


Many sash windows have snapped cords, we use waxed sash cord to replace the old worn cord which will last for many years to come. Whilst we re-cord we can re-balance your sash ensuring you can take full advantage of your new cords. Our servicing option covers the re-cord and re-balance but also included new pulleys if neccesary and creating a smooth operating sash window, 

Cill replacement/window board 

When replacing sash window cills we use a hard wood designed to last in excess of 50 years. Any rotten wood at this point is replaced as well as the original window cill. Many previous customers have asked for window boards to be replaced. This is the internal timber board. We have options available including a very nice oak option. 

Painting and finishing 

While draught proofing we can prepare and paint your sash and sash box, including repairs to glazing compound and face filing.